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Small business mentoring

We support and promote local business owners and entrepreneurs

Consultations | Philosophy

Personal and business consultations are available with guidance for business and personal issues of self-confidence, resistance to public speaking, difficulties with decision making, creating better relationships and meeting challenges.

Virtual Office Address service.

We offer our physical office address to approved individuals and business owners for use on websites, documentation and licences for a nominal monthly fee. Avoid using your home address on your website.

Small Business Promotion

You’ll find articles about local business here. If you are a small business and would like to be included in our blog, please contact Julia for consultations, enquiries for virtual office services, or promotion of your local business:

Swanbourne Village

Figtree Counselling

Figtree Counselling Perth and International: Counselling is the process of trusting and sharing, accompanied by the discovery of things about oneself and others, to bring relief and solutions when facing life’s challenges. To this process I bring my many years...

Life Drawing Classes |Fremantle Studio

Life Drawing Classes For all artists and life drawing enthusiasts, Fremantle artist Maggie Hayes is presenting a series of Life Drawing Classes to begin in May 2016 in her personal studio, East Fremantle, close to Canning Highway. Opportunity for Artistic Inspiration...

World’s Best Nature Photo

World’s best nature photo award in your future? Nick Melidonis runs photographic expeditions for novices and expert photographers alike. His website shows the 2016 menu of happenings. Looking for an adventure, in a controlled kind of way?

Grow Beautiful Plants in Sandy Soil

Revive Your Trees How can this product work its magic and improve sandy soils in Australia? It promises to take your trees from ‘dying to surviving’ and I believe it can do just that. I’ve seen trees on their last legs being nurtured back to health...

Business Mentors and MasterMind Groups

  Getting that lightbulb moment is not something you can order on demand. Mostly our insight comes when we are relaxed, when our brain is not stressed and when we are thinking of something entirely unrelated to the problem at hand. Sifting Through Possibilities...

Best Perth Handyman

Home Maintenance from Best Perth Handyman My friend needed a lot of help. She has a house with a patio roof that needed repair, she couldn’t reach the gutters herself and the massive garden was too much for one person to handle when the green waste collections...

Virtual Office Perth Address

Virtual Office Perth Address We can provide an address for your website or stationery. Giving a visitor a sense that you have a physical location increases their trust in your website offering. If your budget does not allow you to rent a physical office you can use...

Safety Workshops | A New (and Highly Dramatic) Approach

It was a sunny early Tuesday morning in Subiaco Park. Mature leafy trees offered their shade – a relief from the already hot sun. Birds were singing. A perfect morning for a coffee outside. But in half an hour our surroundings had changed to the dark interior of an...

Mind Motivation Coaching Perth for a Successful Future

 Coaching Perth – Helping Women Achieve Goals My greater purpose in life is to inspire and create the experience of more happiness, love, success and health for my clients. To help women to achieve their goals and to break through limiting beliefs and...

Moving to Australia

  Are you moving to Australia soon? You’ll need an Australian address. Moving to Australia From Singapore We had a client from Singapore who in 2012 planned to relocate his family slowly over a one year period. He was sensible and fortunate. Not everyone can...