Bee Swarms Removed Safely

Bees are indispensable for the survival of our environment. Australia is one of the only places left on earth where they still live healthily. Every spring the beehives multiply by swarming.

What is a Bee Swarm?


A bee swarm is a body of honeybees, more or less the size of a football. The bee swarm migrates from a hive and flies off accompanied by a queen, to start a colony.

It is at this time when it is the most ecological and easy to deal with.

The Bee Swarm Migrates into Buildings

bees-on-shed-4048After a few days, the bee swarm will migrate inside a tree crack or inside a wall, perhaps through a small cavity to establish a new hive.

Removing a hive inside a building becomes the job of a pest control operator who will have to exterminate (kill) the bees. To remove the bees the contractor would have to break the walls, so the remedy is to kill the bees instead.

Please – the bees are our friends and a very necessary part of our ecological environment.  If you see a swam, quickly contact a beekeeper to save the honeybees.

Act Quickly and Save the Bees

bees-pm-shed4054The earlier the beekeeper arrives, the safer and cheaper it will be to save the bee swarm.

Please call us to help you. We love bees and want to save as many as possible.

We can collect the bee swarm, contain it safely, and remove it to a countryside location, to live with nature and continue to do its very powerful and important work in our fields and gardens.





bees-combs4237Call BEE SWARM quickly if you need to relocate a bee swarm. We will remove them safely and save the bees.

We are based in Fremantle and are able to travel throughout the metro area to assist you if you have a bee swarm. Call us for a competitive quotation.

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About Pierre

I grew up in France, where my grandmother always kept bees. Even as a little boy I was fascinated by the intelligence and dedication of the bees as they worked around their queen in the hives.