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My friend needed a lot of help. She has a house with a patio roof that needed repair, she couldn’t reach the gutters herself and the massive garden was too much for one person to handle when the green waste collections came around.

Finding a reliable multi-tasker, skilled tradesman who is willing to help with home maintenance, keeps his charges low and is a pleasure to work with is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Enter Harley Springer:

Harley does pre-sale property makeovers and renovations and home maintenance. He’s the guy to call when you need to get your property ready for sale.

Gutters Cleaned

If you’re getting leaks down the walls and water seeping in to the house it could be time to check the gutters. And you sometimes need a long ladder to get the job done. Best Perth handyman  Harley Springer is the guy to call. He’s not afraid of heights, and can sort out your gutters within a few hours.

Roofs Repaired

Home Maintenance PerthMost of us don’t see what’s going on at roof level because we don’t want to climb up there.

Best Perth handyman Harley. Multi-skilled, a qualified rigger who says ‘let’s figure it out” instead of  “this can’t be done”.

We needed new flashing because it had come away from the wooded uprights in the ten years since the house was built. It was a little tricky due to the polycarbonate cover on the patio roof, but Harley sorted it out without any damage to the carbonate.

Carpentry, Outdoor Painting

HARLEY ladder

If you don’t keep the outside maintenance up to scratch it’s going to cost you more in the long run.

Time goes by quickly summer becomes winter, then it becomes too cold to think about the maintenance. Suddenly the harsh summer sun is back, blistering the paint, drying the wood and causing headaches.

Harley says “Work with the climate and plan your maintenance”.


Project Manager

When the job needs a specialised trade such as electrician, Harley will organise whoever else is needed and project manage it.

Checking through FaceBook I saw a lot of positive comments about Harley Springer. There’s nothing like personal recommendations to make you comfortable.

For home or commercial maintenance jobs: Harley Springer – highly recommended by The Swanbourne Business Centre.

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      • roof repairs,
        • exterior painting,
  • garden maintenance
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      • lawn moving
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          • tree pruning,  
  • construction,
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