Tao Healing Massage Nedlands

Tao Healing Massage Nedlands offers massage treatments to bring harmony back to the body systems and achieve balance inside the human body. Grace Du owner of  Tao Healing massage is, according to her clients, a gifted massage professional who works magic on their muscles, bringing  therapeutic relief in a very short time. Her hands have been likened to heat seeking missiles – they intuitively find the source  of  the problem  (often not where you think it is). In addition to Grace’s professional massage training in Sydney, her Chinese background makes it natural for her to incorporate  Taoism health theory to her massage treatments. Health and longevity are the ultimate aims of Taoists. Loss of harmony is believed to be the origin of illness, stress and pain. You may need only one treatment, or wish to benefit from regular therapy massages. Health fund rebates are available for massage treatment provided by our diploma qualified remedial massage therapist. Cost $45 per half hour and $75 per one hour. Tao Healing Massage (member of ATMS) 7 Hampden Rd, Nedlands  Western Australia  6009 Telephone Grace Du:   0401 968 489 Massage Nedlands Services available at Tao Healing Massage: Swedish Massage When you think about massage, you are probably thinking about what’s generally known as Swedish Massage. This technique, using hands and forearms, is aimed at relaxing the entire body. Grace uses long gliding strokes in the direction of the blood flow to the heart. Her technique will ease tension by moving toxins from the muscles, increasing oxygen levels in the blood and this in turn will generally improve blood flow. You’ll find yourself becoming more flexible. Traditional... read more

Bee Swarms Removed Safely

Bees are indispensable for the survival of our environment. Australia is one of the only places left on earth where they still live healthily. Every spring the beehives multiply by swarming.

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Figtree Counselling

There are many frameworks available to you in counselling. There is no one-size-fits-all. By listening with focus to your individual story, I will find the best counselling process for the issues you are dealing with.

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Life Drawing Classes |Fremantle Studio

For all artists and life drawing enthusiasts, Fremantle artist Maggie Hayes is presenting a series of Life Drawing Classes in her personal studio, East Fremantle, close to Canning Highway, Perth.

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World’s Best Landscape Photo

World’s best landscape photo award in your future? Nick Melidonis runs photographic expeditions for novices and expert photographers alike. His website shows the menu of his photographic tours and happenings. Looking for an adventure, in a controlled kind of way?

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Virtual Office Address Services

Our address will enhance your website or stationery.  You can ask for correspondence to be forwarded, or held for your collection. Whatever is more convenient for you. We are part of the community. Our blog will let you know more about businesses we love in the Swanbourne, Cottesloe and Western Suburbs areas. We invite you to use our virtual office address service. You can have a Cottesloe address with mail handling. For information please call or email us. Contact us for details : +61 8 9384 6616 or email us at... read more

Grow Beautiful Plants in Sandy Soil

Revive Your Trees How can this product work its magic and improve sandy soils in Australia? It promises to take your trees from ‘dying to surviving’ and I believe it can do just that. I’ve seen trees on their last legs being nurtured back to health over weeks. How to Improve Sandy Soils in Australia. We know that  plant health needs a combination of good soil and plenty of water to take the nutrients to the plant roots. But there is a lot of hard work between the planting and the harvesting.  Anything we can find to improve sandy soils in Australia‘s gardens will be a big plus for the gardener in the family. Water Retainer and Soil Improver I first became interested when I heard that the GeoRevive® soil improver product had great success in the arid Middle East. If they can make things grow in The Middle East, they can do it anywhere. Surely their sandy soils are worse than the porous, sandy soils we have in Australia? Two young entrepreneurs have brought German-based Green GeoEarth WLL’s  flagship product, GeoRevive® to Australia to help us cope with our constant water wastage and depleted soils. Live With The Australian Climate but Reduce Water and Fertiliser They say GeoRevive® reduces water consumption by up to 90% and fertiliser usage by up to 70%. Now I am testing that claim at home.  At the same time the product is undergoing tests in the Murdoch University laboratories. The product looks like candy floss – it is very light and fluffy. It acts like a sponge sucking water out of the soil, preventing the water from draining away and concentrating it where the plant can access the nutrients it carries. It is expected to last about... read more

Business Mentors and MasterMind Groups

  Getting that lightbulb moment is not something you can order on demand. Mostly our insight comes when we are relaxed, when our brain is not stressed and when we are thinking of something entirely unrelated to the problem at hand. Sifting Through Possibilities For some of us it’s good to mull over the scenario, letting the various options flow through our imagination and visualising different outcomes. Even if the answer doesn’t come immediately it could be a moment while walking the dog that the answer pops into our head. Then we know that our subconscious mind has been at work. Business Mentors and Friends Having a business mentor or experienced friend to discuss issues with helps clarify our thinking. We might just sit over a casual cup of coffee to present an issue where we’re searching for direction. We can offer our own proposed solution but in hearing our words, we gain insight and may be surprised that we suddenly see the matter in a totally different way. While the thoughts are still in our heads, not spoken, not written, there is no challenge. MasterMind Groups Being part of a mastermind group is stimulating. It may not be easy finding the right mix of people to join with at first, but usually we know who we respect and trust and it may just be a matter of inviting that person to meet with us once in a while. Over time, carefully and strategically inviting new people will add to the vault of experience in the mastermind group. Some groups will have a formal agenda and a roster for putting one person in the centre at a time. That person will have the opportunity to lay before... read more

Best Perth Handyman

Home Maintenance from Best Perth Handyman My friend needed a lot of help. She has a house with a patio roof that needed repair, she couldn’t reach the gutters herself and the massive garden was too much for one person to handle when the green waste collections came around. Finding a reliable multi-tasker, skilled tradesman who is willing to help with home maintenance, keeps his charges low and is a pleasure to work with is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Enter Harley Springer: Harley does pre-sale property makeovers and renovations and home maintenance. He’s the guy to call when you need to get your property ready for sale. Gutters Cleaned If you’re getting leaks down the walls and water seeping in to the house it could be time to check the gutters. And you sometimes need a long ladder to get the job done. Best Perth handyman  Harley Springer is the guy to call. He’s not afraid of heights, and can sort out your gutters within a few hours. Roofs Repaired Most of us don’t see what’s going on at roof level because we don’t want to climb up there. Best Perth handyman Harley. Multi-skilled, a qualified rigger who says ‘let’s figure it out” instead of  “this can’t be done”. We needed new flashing because it had come away from the wooded uprights in the ten years since the house was built. It was a little tricky due to the polycarbonate cover on the patio roof, but Harley sorted it out without any damage to the carbonate. Carpentry, Outdoor Painting If you don’t keep the outside maintenance up... read more

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