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Although you are able to take care of your own correspondence and work on the go, you may need assistance with social media – how to use blogging, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn to expand your busines reach?

Our serviced offices Perth website is based on the WordPress platform. This lends itself search engine optimisation. Are you ready to start blogging? As websites now need to be active and socially active for the best attention from search engines, many businesses have turned to blogging on a regular basis.

Serviced Office Perth Blogging Help

WordPress Style Websites

It seems that static websites are just not getting traction on Google and other search engines any more. Blog- style websites are here to stay. Let’s learn about how to use them. If you would like some helpful advice on blogging please contact us at Swanbourne Business Centre.

serviced offices perth blogging help

You will typically become overwhelmed with the how-to instructions, because until you actually put something into action, you are just absorbing information and not moving forward.

Use Your WordPress Blog to Connect With Clients

You can inform customers of special offers or send out updates on your business, by way of blogging. This method has replaced newsletters and in many cases, paid advertisements in newspapers and television.

Its a very long time since the bubble burst – it was expected then that life would go on-line. Now, fifteen years later, it is actually happening. Blogging or social media advertising has continued to grow exponentially in volume and revenue. More frequently now we see shops closing as the public turns to the internet to make purchases.

Blogging puts you in direct contact with actual or potential customers. If you can attract casual visitors to interact and comment on your blog, you have moved forward into direct contact with potential customers even though they may be on the other side of the world.

Blogging Help Perth

Contact us for advice on:

  • the style and presentation that’s correct for you
  • how to format your blog posts (articles)
  • how to handle images to make your blog more interesting
  • where to get ideas for articles
  • how to keep your blog content fresh and relevant
  • where you can have papers written on your behalf

In addition to providing stylish furnished offices, our serviced offices Perth will help you stay updated with ways to improve your social media knowledge.
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