Business Mentors and MasterMind Groups


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Getting that lightbulb moment is not something you can order on demand. Mostly our insight comes when we are relaxed, when our brain is not stressed and when we are thinking of something entirely unrelated to the problem at hand.

Sifting Through Possibilities

For some of us it’s good to mull over the scenario, letting the various options flow through our imagination and visualising different outcomes. Even if the answer doesn’t come immediately it could be a moment while walking the dog that the answer pops into our head. Then we know that our subconscious mind has been at work.

Business Mentors and Friends

Having a business mentor or experienced friend to discuss issues with helps clarify our thinking. We might just sit over a casual cup of coffee to present an issue where we’re searching for direction. We can offer our own proposed solution but in hearing our words, we gain insight and may be surprised that we suddenly see the matter in a totally different way. While the thoughts are still in our heads, not spoken, not written, there is no challenge.

MasterMind Groups

Being part of a mastermind group is stimulating. It may not be easy finding the right mix of people to join with at first, but usually we know who we respect and trust and it may just be a matter of inviting that person to meet with us once in a while. Over time, carefully and strategically inviting new people will add to the vault of experience in the mastermind group.

Some groups will have a formal agenda and a roster for putting one person in the centre at a time. That person will have the opportunity to lay before the group his or her topic for discussion. It can be a problem that is particular to that business, or a challenge that is related to the world situation, but for that meeting, the mastermind group focussed on that person’s topic.

Each listener will first ensure they have heard and understood the issue correctly by clarifying their understanding with the subject of the meeting. To enhance two-way communication the group may have rules such as participants being restricted to discussing options in an open and non-critical way without giving advice.

Having an opportunity to debrief, discuss and look at situations from many different points of view will help bring well rounded solutions to any problems.

Let’s talk about solutions.