How to Close Social Media Accounts for Others

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  The other day I was stopped in my tracks by a knowledgeable internet person asking if we are prepared for the “Digital Afterlife“. The question was posed via a newsfeed on Google+ and referred to an info-graphic on how to close social media accounts for others put up by Call it morbid curiosity  if you like, but no-one had ever broached the question so bluntly  before and I wanted to know more. They’ve done the research and it’s worth looking at. When You are in the Cloud When you are finally ‘in the Cloud’, can you control...

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Diamonds and Dogs

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How was your week?  Ours has been exciting. There have been huge changes here in the life of our part-time administration assistant Jessica.  She finished her university second year exams last week (exercise physiology) and arrived Monday morning, full of the joys of new-found freedom to start the week at the business centre. No more assignments and homework for the next few months. Summer holidays have arrived. Puppy Love So what does Jessica do when there is a little free time on the  horizon? Of course she and her partner buy a puppy. You know, one with big, soft eyes and a soulful look....

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Moving to Australia

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  Are you moving to Australia soon? You’ll need an Australian address. Moving to Australia From Singapore We had a client from Singapore who in 2012 planned to relocate his family slowly over a one year period. He was sensible and fortunate. Not everyone can benefit from cheap fares and close proximity, but people in Singapore have that advantage. He found us from a Google search ‘virtual office Perth’. There was a flurry of emails and we set up a virtual office address for him in an hour. It just happened that I was passing through Singapore that month, so we developed our friendship...

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Safety Workshops | A New (and Highly Dramatic) Approach

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It was a sunny early Tuesday morning in Subiaco Park. Mature leafy trees offered their shade – a relief from the already hot sun. Birds were singing. A perfect morning for a coffee outside. But in half an hour our surroundings had changed to the dark interior of an oil rig. We had entered a safety workshop in the Subiaco Performing Arts Centre and been suddenly plunged into another reality – watching the shocking but true story of death on board an oil rig. Within minutes the audience was transported to a world of risk, isolation, pressure and bullying. Safety Workshops A.C.T. Australia has...

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Myre Project | Co-Working Space for Retailers

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She didn’t need a hat but she tried on a black felt cloche which immediately gave her a new, edgy style. She didn’t take it off. Olivia, a friend visiting from Hong Kong, handed over A$120 and walked out happy to know she had bought a locally made, high quality item which suited her. And the bonus: she had met the designer Kate of the Kate and Abel milliners at the same time. Myre Project | A Special Feeling This is the special feeling you get when you buy something in the big open space which is the Myre Project. Designers and creators are there on the shop floor. It adds something extra...

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How’s Your Mail Box ?

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Overflowing Mail Box Have you taken a holiday or business trip this year?  When you get back from wherever you’ve been is one of the worst adjustments to being home dealing with the mail that’s arrived in your absence? The longer you’ve been away, the more that accumulates. Think cards, bills, appointments, invitations…there’s no end to it. The mail box is usually jammed with envelopes, fliers, local newspapers and the odd cockroach. Several days or even a week might go by before you’re caught up. And then of course there’s the washing and ironing,...

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