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Activity Based Working: style comes to Perth

Posted by on Apr 28, 2013 in Blog, Office Design Trends | 10 comments

Perth Offices – no more Filing Cabinets? Activity Based Working is catching on in Perth. If future Perth office designers follow the worldwide colourful and activity based office designs  no-one will have their own desks – they will simply have a storage locker. Mail will be received at a central point and distributed to each person electronically, so there will be no need for filing cabinets. Even executives for the most part will have no desk or fixed working area.  Instead they move from office space to office space with their laptops, able to choose from a variety of hubs...

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Temporary Office Space

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013 in Blog, Office Design Trends | 1 comment

Temporary office space for executives, inventors, new project teams and entrepreneurs. Short term office requirements For companies and independent contractors alike, the ability to test new concepts, bring teams together for limited periods and promote ideas to the market relies on the ability to organise flexible staffing and accommodation. Responsive companies will enter short term contracts for employees, services and take temporary office space contracts in favour of fixed term leases. This makes serviced office accommodation a very attractive option. It gives you time to test the...

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Shared Office Space for Rent

Posted by on Dec 21, 2011 in Blog, Office Design Trends | 3 comments

Shared office space for rent is now being offered on the commercial office space menu under the new name  ”co-working spaces.” Co-working is not new, but is a trend still being developed. Whether it means sharing a warehouse  or office space or an unused factory, shared office space for rent can allow members or tenants to take offices, desks or working spaces for hours, days or months on a pay-per-use basis. No longer do freelancers have to deal with the inconvenience of home base business. Shared Office Space for Rent v Fixed Tenancy Of course we don’t need to be tied to a...

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