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Figtree Counselling Perth and International:

Counselling is the process of trusting and sharing, accompanied by the discovery of things about oneself and others, to bring relief and solutions when facing life’s challenges.

To this process I bring my many years of medical training and knowledge of counselling plus the varied experiences that flow from many parts of my life.

What Type of Counselling?

There are many  frameworks  available to you in counselling. There is no one-size-fits-all. By listening with focus to your individual story, I will find the best counselling process for the issues you are dealing with.


I can help you in the areas of:

  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Health-related problems, Acute/ChronicStress and exhaustion, shift work and burnout, [particularly for healthcare professionals]
  • Relationship issues: partners, children, aging parents
  • Adolescent issues:  bullying, body image
  • Separation, Divorce, Unemployment
  • Carers, Palliative issues, Grief and Loss

About Figtree Counselling

annemarie_5497Figtree Counselling is a practice that is born from many years of healthcare experience.

Anne-Marie Mallon

B.App Sc (Nurs.) Masters Counselling, Cert Psychotherapy




I am happy to consult via Skype if preferred.

Don’t hesitate to ask how I may be able to help you. Please call or email

[If calling from overseas please add the country code  +61 456 616 080]