Grow Beautiful Plants in Sandy Soil

Revive Your Trees

How can this product work its magic and improve sandy soils in Australia? It promises to take your trees from ‘dying to surviving’ and I believe it can do just that. I’ve seen trees on their last legs being nurtured back to health over weeks.

How to Improve Sandy Soils in Australia.

Soil Improver Australia GeoReviveWe know that  plant health needs a combination of good soil and plenty of water to take the nutrients to the plant roots. But there is a lot of hard work between the planting and the harvesting.  Anything we can find to improve sandy soils in Australia‘s gardens will be a big plus for the gardener in the family.

Water Retainer and Soil Improver

I first became interested when I heard that the GeoRevive® soil improver product had great success in the arid Middle East. If they can make things grow in The Middle East, they can do it anywhere. Surely their sandy soils are worse than the porous, sandy soils we have in Australia?

Two young entrepreneurs have brought German-based Green GeoEarth WLL’s  flagship product, GeoRevive® to Australia to help us cope with our constant water wastage and depleted soils.

Live With The Australian Climate but Reduce Water and Fertiliser

They say GeoRevive® reduces water consumption by up to 90% and fertiliser usage by up to 70%. Now I am testing that claim at home.  At the same time the product is undergoing tests in the Murdoch University laboratories.

The product looks like candy floss – it is very light and fluffy. It acts like a sponge sucking water out of the soil, preventing the water from draining away and concentrating it where the plant can access the nutrients it carries. It is expected to last about 8 years before breaking down harmlessly. Which is ideal for putting plants in large pots. There is no need to re-pot them after 3 years.

I had 7 standard roses delivered – it is already towards the end of our summer.  The garden beds  were prepared with home grown compost before the GeoRevive® supplies and the roses were delivered.   By next summer I’m told, there will be no need for me to worry about watering the roses.

GeoRevive Super Hydrator for all poor soils from Recipes for Life on Vimeo.

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