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You have a Twitter account and want to know how increase followers?

At our business centre, we use TweetDeck and Twitter for business promotion tweets to release short messages when we have offices available or if there is something that needs to be shared with our connections. Sometimes we are celebrating the success stories from our tenants and other times we are offering observations on business news.

If you are using Twitter for business promotion tweets, the idea is to get connected with as many potential clients as possible. You may have difficulty in finding people to follow and may have had no success in encouraging others follow you so far. When the business centre started, Twitter was used mostly for friends to connect with short, public messages. Things have changed. There are more business promotion tweets than personal messages in my in-box.

Businesses are now so aware of the important of this online 24/7 conversation that they are monitoring any conversation about their brand by way of ‘alerts’ set up with Twitter and Google.

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Everyone is Looking for Twitter Followers

Remember school – how many friends you had was important. There is now social pressure on business people to increase their Twitter follower number in order to look sought-after or authoritative.

If your priority is to use business promotion tweets to introduce people to your website you tend to want to build your business connections universe quickly.

Responding to this public-image pressure, automated services to increase Twitter followers have sprung up to supply  people who will follow you. You don’t have to know them. They don’t have to know you.

At the business centre we would suggest this can be a waste of your time and energy – what’s the point of sending business promotion tweets to someone who is not reading or caring to hear from you. But having said that, there are many MLM business people who use huge numbers to their advantages, relying on a just small percentage of clicks to result in business for them.

Your Twitter Profile Attracts Followers

If you have written your 160-character Twitter profile with business promotion in mind you may have included specific descriptive words that cover your personal and business interests.

There are many people searching for your business niche and they will pick up specific words in your business profile and may choose to follow your company.

Looking for Twitter Followers

Ideally, you look to follow those in your areas of business interest. For the business centre we would specify ‘entrepreneurs’ or ‘start up companies’ as our area of interest when sending business promotion tweets.

List your Twitter address on business cards, business websites, promotional brochures, company advertisements, Facebook page, media, PR releases, books or movies.

It depends how quickly your business wants to develop useful connections – at best it can be a time-consuming exercise. You may wish to follow the follower list of someone you admire or trust.

Going on Auto

To speed things up, you can buy new  Twitter ‘friends’ in the target group you identify by using programmes and paying ‘per ‘X number of followers” or per month.

Just as in life, buying friends (or people to follow) will have only limited benefits. Bought friends are included in your follower list but may have no interest in following you, interacting with you, or reading your tweets.

Saying Thank You

In business we acknowledge and thank new clients. Tweeting etiquette states that we should acknowledge new followers. Of course, designers have come up with automatic programmes to thank new Twitter followers. You will receive many of these automated messages. Often at the same time, you are exhorted to click a link to a website or a Facebook page for something ‘free’ or  ‘fabulous’.

Whether you go for quality connections or quantity is your choice. Testing by expert blogger Ana Hoffman of the Web Traffic Cafe has shown that quantity brings more actual business than quality. Ana has proven that when the aim was to direct readers to her website, the more tweets she sent per day, the higher the number of visitors she had to her website. You can read more of Ana’s advice at her blog :  Traffic Generation Cafe

Filtering Twitter Noise

Business promotion tweets go on 24 hours a day, whether you are reading them or not.

Despite its importance, Twitter needs to be used with some sense of balance. It can be addictive to live in a world of instant communication coming from every corner of the world.

So you prioritise your business promotion tweets schedule. Create lists of business organisations you want to follow either because they are in a business interesting to you, or you simply want to read what they have to say.

WordPress & Twitter Handbook

Here is a connection to a ‘WordPress & Twitter Handbook’ showing how to organise your Twitter information. Author John Garretty summarises a number of ways to increase Twitter followers.

The serviced office Perth blog will help you stay updated with ways to improve your social media knowledge. Visit the website  of  Swanbourne Business Centre and check out our serviced office suite.



  1. You can buy Twitter followers? I am flabbergasted. I’m not one to go about trying to boost my followers but if I were I certainly wouldn’t buy them. Man, what an empty feeling that would be. It would be like paying someone to be your friend. Nope, I’d rather have a few loyal followers that a hoard of payed ones.

    • Hi Sire:

      I can understand your surprise:) It’s because you’re a blogger that and know how to get new Twitter followers, that match any profile you want. However, there are many offline and successful businesses starting to drive their marketing with the internet – (i) they do not want to get distracted from their core business (ii) they do not have the time to learn Twitter skills (iii) they would rather buy followers than spend time doing it themselves.

      If I was in such a business and have time constraints, I would outsource the task to someone who has the time and can.

    • I can understand all those reasons but I still believe that there won’t be much value in followers that you have to pay for.

    • Hi Sire,

      How do YOU attract your desired profile of Twitter followers? Is there a magic marketing mix?
      It seems that Twitter is still largely under-used in Australia?

      I still have not worked out how to Klout. You will be the first to know when I do.

    • Julia, your Twitter profile is one of the attraction tools because people that search for who to follow, via Twitter’s own search or Twitter tools, pick up the keywords in your profile and what you tweet about.

      1. Write a profile that contains keywords related to the interests you want to build a Twitter following around;
      2. Find top 10 influencers in the industry you are working/ doing business in – AND – follow them. Their followers are likely to follow you.
      3. Search Twitter for “who to follow”, using your ideal client’s profile (keywords) AND then follow them. Twitter has a new feature “who to follow”, that lists people that match your profile and the profile of those you followed.

      Summary: You attract the kind of people you follow and the kind of people that match your own profile.

    • As ever, Stella, you are full of actionable advice.
      Thanks for responding in such detail. I’ll try the Twitter Tools you mention and after revamping the profile, watch results, tweak (‘tweek’ looks more suitable here) and repeat it. Many thanks for clarifying how to use profiling.

    • You’re welcome, Julia.

      Happy Sunday!

    • A big hello and welcome Stella!

      I haven’t used an automated system but attracted a bunch of Twitter followers because without realising its implications I added ‘internet marketing’ to my profile. These followers are not relevant to our business and mostly send links to their products.
      How reliable is it to use an automatic service to select certain profiles?
      Do you recommend one over the other?

    • Thanks Julia:)

      You attract the kind of people you follow and the kind of people that match your own profile. So, if you want to attract a different kind of people, tweak your profile and follow the kind of people that you would like to follow you back – based on their industry, what they do etc.

      Attracting the wrong kind is not due to using any tool – it’s about who you are hanging with and who you “said you are”. Twitter search uses those to suggest you to “those people” as one to follow.

      There’s nothing wrong with using time saving tools to do what you normally do (slowly) – as long as you know how to search for who to follow.

      Using a Twitter tool relies on the keywords you tell it to show “people to follow” Or the people you tell it to follow their followers/ following.

      Auto followers are just time saving tools BUT you have to learn how to use them OR you do it manually – either way is okay; will get you there, depending on when you want to.

  2. Sire,
    I’m sorry this news shocked you. It’s a sign of the times we are living in. You hold fast to your ethics.
    Some people may prefer to pay for followers in the hope that their commercial message might reach someone who just happens to be glancing at Twitter on the iPhone when they’re having their coffee one morning.
    Not me either.

  3. I’m with Sire on this one – I’d much rather have a handful of followers than a whole raft of them who have as little interest in what I have to say as I have in what they have to say!

    I never auto-follow people – I always read through their tweets and see if what they are saying is of interest and relevant to me. If they only do links, quotes or re-tweets or they tweet hundreds of times a day… I’m not going to have any time for them.

    I’m sure one day the world will follow suit, once they realise that having 20,000 followers doesn’t add any value to their business because 19,999 of their followers are only interested in getting you to part with your own money!

  4. Hi Dan,
    Although I totally agree, I’ve been too occupied elsewhere to try to clean out Twitter followers so I’ve ignored them and let an auto system reply. I will cease that now. In the early days, it was just fun without the auto-bots.
    I’ll get started on that the cleanup before I go home tonight. I’m so over those hype messages that clog the feed -magic links that turn us into overnight successes. If they’d used them on themselves they wouldn’t be needing to tweet them to everyone?
    Thanks for visiting – I enjoyed reading blog.

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