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 Life Drawing Classes

For all artists and life drawing enthusiasts, Fremantle artist Maggie Hayes is presenting a series of Life Drawing Classes in her personal studio, East Fremantle, close to Canning Highway

Opportunity for Artistic Inspiration

Although called Life Drawing Classes these Monday evening sessions will not be run as lessons per se, but offer a chance for artists to collect in one inspiring and artistic space for the purpose of drawing the human figure.

There will be no instruction from Maggie, but a chance to share with her and participate in a life drawing class of 2 hours on 8 consecutive Monday evenings.

Please note that Maggie will run new courses with tuition and guidance for life drawing. Please request the timetable if you wish to have instruction. Click here to see the Life Drawing Classes Registration form

Live Models

Maggie will advance book models for the life drawing classes  and provide her stunning studio venue where fellow artists may explore and express their creative fire.

As models must be booked in advance all artists participating in this series of Life Drawing Classes must book with Maggie for the full 8-week block of Monday evening sessions.

Timetable and costs

Monday evenings 6:30 – 9:00 pm  Payment of $18.00 per evening x 8 = $144.00. or single sessions $25.00.

Places are limited to 10 artists. Full payment required in advance to secure a place. These sessions are run on a cover outgoings basis only and therefore individual or one-off sessions cannot be catered for in this inaugural session opportunity.  If you are not able to join one or more sessions, the evening fee cannot be refunded once the series has started because outgoing expenses must be covered, but you can substitute a friend to join the session.

Art Equipment

Participants must bring all their own materials including paper and drawing implements. A limited number of easels are available –  you are recommended to bring your own easel.



Please contact maggie at  or telephone Mobile: 0423 765 482  Landline 08 9319 3794


About Maggie Hayes


After posting these studio photos online, it is probably time to introduce myself to all you lovely fellow visual art enthusiasts out there.

I am Maggie Hayes, an Australian Liverpudlian, who has lived mostly in WA for all of her adult life and YES, back in the old country, I knew someone who knew the Beatles…When I was twelve years old I went on my first date; little did I know that it would end up being a transformative experience. One Sunday afternoon, a local lad I knew asked me to go to the art gallery with him…this seemed like an adventure, so without telling mum, we caught the bus to the city………

What I saw there changed me forever. As we walked among the figurative painting and sculpture, I was riveted, gobsmacked, transfixed, I had never been to an art gallery before, so was unprepared for the staggering possibility that humans could produce such wonders…

I just did not want to leave and can’t even remember what happened to the boy, or how I got home… but all I knew was that this was what I wanted to do myself….and at that point, even though I did not know how, I resolved in my heart to make it happen. That day, my love of the human body as an object, a vehicle for representation suddenly came into being; and has never left me since.

Fast forward a couple of years: now I’m a disengaged teenager, only interested in the social aspects of school….I was finishing year 10, my dream of being an artist, was remote, seemingly impossible, I didn’t even know how to go about it. ‘Don’t like school’? People said… ‘you should work in a bank’…now I was contemplating what for me would be a droll, mind-numbing future…then unexpectedly the impossible happened, destiny knocked on my door… I was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship supporting 2 years of further study; and overruling the deep concern of my parents (‘What kind of job does art study lead to??”) I insisted on going to Art School.

The rest is history…..since then, I’ve been in one art school or other for the rest of my life; either as a student or lecturer.Most of my 35 year career has been spent lecturing full time in TAFE, with alternative sojourns working in the National Art School in Sydney and some part time work in Curtin University.

There were many solo and group exhibitions as I built my career in the younger years; at that time, I also the completed a Masters Degree in Visual Arts at Curtin University. Add to this, a wonderful family, consisting of a husband and two fantastic children (now adults); and a digression into completing a law degree after the death of my husband in 2010.

Now is a new beginning. My husband (while he was alive) and I built a fabulous studio onto our home. After his death it sat in abeyance, but now is the right time for it to shine, with the dynamic of visual ideas, fellow artists, some fun and a lot of artistic growth. I want to draw like never before and would love to be surrounded by people who love the body as much as I do….. Or even if you don’t, you are able to utilize whatever you need to take your vision to the next stage of development….Or even if you just want to soak up the atmosphere…… JUST COME ALONG…..I would love to meet you….at my Life Drawing sessions.