Moving to Australia


Are you moving to Australia soon? You’ll need an Australian address.

Moving to Australia From Singapore

We had a client from Singapore who in 2012 planned to relocate his family slowly over a one year period. He was sensible and fortunate. Not everyone can benefit from cheap fares and close proximity, but people in Singapore have that advantage.

He found us from a Google search ‘virtual office Perth’. There was a flurry of emails and we set up a virtual office address for him in an hour.

It just happened that I was passing through Singapore that month, so we developed our friendship over a coffee meeting in a Singapore hotel.

Professional Networks

My husband Garry came along and we had an interesting three-way conversation about doing business in Australia and how to develop professional contacts. They found they had quite a few interests in common and Garry was able to immediately connect him to a couple of networks ready for his first trip.

An engineer by training, he targeted relevant professional associations, created a local Google Places listing for his arbitration consultancy and applied for licenses.

Australian Real Estate

Our client’s plan was to use cheap airfare deals to visit Perth several times over the next 12 months before moving to Australia to look at real estate opportunities and develop business opportunities before he sold his Singapore house. He was willing to fly in to Perth if a consultancy enquiry required it.

Australian Transport and Shops

On the first visit he stayed at a small hotel and used taxis to move around, getting a taste for residential real estate prices (more expensive than he expected), availability of shops and public transport (both thin on the ground by comparison to Singapore).

By the second visit he’d organised a share house and a hire car. He was no slouch. Driving was a challenge. Every country has different codes of conduct.

During each subsequent visit he added tasks to his moving to Australia list of things to do, found a house for his family and enrolled his daughters into schools.

Our Virtual Office Services

From the beginning he used our office address as his point of contact for mail, banking, associations, memberships and licenses setting up a virtual presence long before the family  arrived.

We emailed him when we received his mail – sometimes we opened it on his instructions and copied it to him. Each time he came to Australia he dropped in to the office for a coffee, opened his mail, discussed what was happening and asked for advice.

You get our Cottesloe address to use for websites, correspondence, food licences and packages.

Fees for virtual office services are as low as A$50 +gst per month.

Moving to Australia

Additional interesting resources for you : WestPac Bank’s information sheet on  moving to Australia.

If you’re planning on moving to Australia and particularly to our beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia, please contact me. Because our business is owner operated, we understand the needs of small business. I lived in Singapore and Hong Kong for over 25 years – which has also helped me understand Asian preferences. We’re happy to share our  Australian knowledge and contacts with you. Call us  08-9384 6616 or email to find out what we can offer you today:

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