Office Address Perth?

Office rental Perth is becoming more and more expensive so how do you plan for growth without having to pay for space you don’t need now.  Do you take a space too large for your current needs or opt for a smaller space hoping you can find something else nearby when you expand. How do you make the decision?

The other day a young entrepreneur dropped in to discuss using our address for his website purposes.

Office Rental Perth

ID Scanning Equipment for Nightclubs

He and his partner have developed an ID scanning machine for nightclubs. It is superior to anything on the market now and they know they have a winner with this equipment. Once the prototypes have passed the final testing phrase they will be ready to go into production. It is all looking good and from here on their company will probably grow quickly.

Office Rental

So do they continue to use their home addresses or do they choose a more professional image? How do they protect their families from unexpected business visitors?

Outside Investors

Their apparent overnight success covers a lot of hard work over a fairly long period of time. They feel confident but they shouldn’t spend the profits before they make them – or if they do, they may need to call for outside financing. External financing will give them immediate cash flow and a bigger purse to spend on early expenses but it comes at a hidden cost. Accepting outside investors can be a sure way to end up with long-term business partners you would not have needed if you’d controlled your early costs.


Budding young entrepreneurs work late at night after their daytime job finishes. Some have young families and can only work on their business when the children are not around. To have a space where they can keep all their working papers and prototypes means they might need to set up in the garage or pay rent somewhere. Once they reach the next stage, where they are presenting their idea or product to potential customers they need to adopt a business-savvy identity.

Separation of Business and Home

Having a formal business address outside the home gives a solid image.  It makes a statement of continuity and confidence.

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