Safety Workshops | A New (and Highly Dramatic) Approach

It was a sunny early Tuesday morning in Subiaco Park. Mature leafy trees offered their shade – a relief from the already hot sun. Birds were singing. A perfect morning for a coffee outside.

But in half an hour our surroundings had changed to the dark interior of an oil rig.

Safety Workshops

DeepWater Horizon Oil Rig – Image : joedamadman

We had entered a safety workshop in the Subiaco Performing Arts Centre and been suddenly plunged into another reality – watching the shocking but true story of death on board an oil rig.

Within minutes the audience was transported to a world of risk, isolation, pressure and bullying.

Safety Workshops

A.C.T. Australia has brought a series of tightly scripted, interactive safety workshops to Australia, using high impact drama with the storyline based on true events. Real stories of explosions, tsunamis, construction collapses and other accidents are used to show how a mix of seemingly unimportant but poor decisions can collectively lead to disaster and death.

The Culture of Risk

The scenarios focus on human behaviour – a significant factor in most accidents. Risk can be increased or decreased by the culture of management and staff, the attitude to investment in training and the maintenance of equipment.

Interactive Workshops

Corporations employ A.C.T. Australia to present interactive safety workshops using real theatre (often a series of different 20-minute dramas) as the stimulus for change.

Live Theatre v. Video

When I heard about the real theatre I wondered  ‘why a play – why not use video? ’ but once I had attended a live performance, I understood important difference: emotional hooks.

The actors are of the highest calibre. Their total absorption of their character makes a huge impact. There is a much stronger emotional response as the audience identifies with the bullying supervisor, a lazy team member or an idealistic newcomer. Most of us have experienced these people in our working lives.

Programmes for 8 to 200 Participants

These experiential safety workshops with live theatre can be tailored for small or large groups. The aim is to bring awareness to the corporate culture and effect change in behaviour. At the end of each piece of drama there is a guided breakout session. The room will be buzzing with energy, ideas and emotions as the audience considers the lessons learned and introspect how they may be applied to their own behaviour and company culture.

Sometimes the actors stay in character and attend the breakout sessions to interact with the working groups, explain their character’s behaviour, discuss possible solutions offered by the groups and respond from the character’s point of view.

This is quite electrifying because the actor IS the character. It is hard to separate their two identities after watching them act out a scenario in 20 minutes of highly charged theatre.

 The Power to Change Your People

A.C.T. Australia’s safety workshops offer you the power to change your people and your culture AND to change the way your people view safety and risk management.

Safety Workshops Scenarios

Case studies and scripted scenarios include :

Drilling rig • Nuclear power plant • Oil refinery • Construction and building site • Heavy equipment handling • Mining Security • IT Security • Safety at home – Safety at work • Airport • Railway • Electrical Repair • Water mains • Tool Box Talks

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