Shared Office Space for Rent

Shared office space for rent is now being offered on the commercial office space menu under the new name  ”co-working spaces.”

Co-working is not new, but is a trend still being developed. Whether it means sharing a warehouse  or office space or an unused factory, shared office space for rent can allow members or tenants to take offices, desks or working spaces for hours, days or months on a pay-per-use basis. No longer do freelancers have to deal with the inconvenience of home base business.

Shared Office Space for Rent v Fixed Tenancy

Of course we don’t need to be tied to a fixed office any more. We’ve been using smart phones for a couple of years to check email but now we’re comfortable using mobile devices to prepare and share documents. As websites have become optimised for the tiny phone screen, or the larger tablet screen, we can now comfortably read and format text. This is where Shared Office Space for Rent can be a perfect fit.

Shared Office Space for Rent Working Round Clock

Working Around the Clock

Freelancers Use Shared Office Space for Rent

Even if  freelancers have a permanent or temporary office space, they don’t have to be actually there 24/7. They can work in every location. ‘Working around the clock’ takes on a new meaning.

They can work at home, in transit, in cafes or clients’ offices or even, as some of our clients do, use a virtual office address to give the appearance of having a dedicated office. Shared Office Space for Rent may be the best option.

Virtual Desktops Coming

Shared Office Space for Rent Using Dropbox

Web Based Document Storage

Working on the go has suddenly become lighter and will become even more convenient as ‘cloud computing’ turns our mobile devices into virtual desktops. Distance travelling is already easier. Removing your laptop from the cover to put it through screening at the airport will become a nuisance of the past. My iPad was not screened last time I flew .While away from our desk we can still access documentation saved from the desktop to web-based document storage sites such as ‘Dropbox’ or ‘Evernote’. These sites can be accessed by mobile devices, so there’s less need to carry paper files or a laptop. Shared office space for rent fits with this concept perfectly.

Co-Workers Use Shared Office Spaces

The Sydney Morning Herald recently ran an article about shared office space for rent – highlighting as an example a group of independent web developers, writers and graphic designers sharing a space in Melbourne with a fashion designer and her sewing machine.

These unlikely bedfellows enthusiastically supported the practice of shared office space for rent on a defined space or hourly use basis. By sharing a working space they said they brought together a diversity of talent and experience in one location and at the same time they enjoyed working with interesting people.

When co-workers are in the same space they are able to offer advice and even develop business opportunities together. The common denominator seems to be the energy of the entrepreneurial spirit. Shared office space for rent to start-ups or young companies allows the business owners to work in close proximity with like-minded people. Not only that, Shared Office Space for Rent provides greater freedom than ever before.

No Complaints

Interesting, in all the reports I’ve read about shared office space for rent for co-working, there has been no complaint about the mundane side of sharing spaces, such as keeping the shared office space clean and tidy, choosing compatible background music or keeping conversations to a low hum to allow others to work in peace. In the Sydney Morning Herald article the co-workers said they actually liked having the sewing machine in their space – one called it ‘playful’.

Share office space for rent is nothing new. Artisans and artists used to work together and rent large workshops with shared spaces or individual cubicles. Now the technical and design folk are getting together. For internet and website specialists there can be an interesting synergy.

Combining Skills for Co-Working Success

Website builders, although they may hate to admit it, are usually not great website designers or graphic artists. How convenient it could therefore be to have a team of collaborators with different skills stationed nearby. It looks like shared office space for rent will  soon be  a fixed item on the commercial real estate menu.

Will Shared Office Space for Rent Replace the Serviced Office ?

The freedom availability of shared office space for rent to start ups  gives more choice  for new business owners. Those who are on a tight budget, do not wish to work in isolation at home or those who are looking for synergy between other entrepreneurs can utilise shared office space for rent, and will be likely clients of this commercial space model. Especially in the realm of internet marketing and website development, techies writing website code all day will benefit from working alongside creative graphic artists and interacting with researchers or financial business specialists. Sharing and collaborating is the key, and shared office space for rent can be a perfect fit.

The Swanbourne Business Centre offers, rather than shared office space for rent, individually furnished, equipped and serviced offices Perth. If you are ready to move from co-working to having your own dedicated space in a professional environment, please call or contact us.

But you don’t even have to be a tenant – you can use our serviced office address as a virtual office Perth for your mail, website or documentation. You pay just a nominal amount for a virtual office or a monthly fee for a short-term office tenancy with almost everything included. If shared office space for rent is perfect for you, we may still be able to help.

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