Solving Business Challenges and Exploring New Ideas

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Solving Business Challenges and Exploring New Ideas
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You probably already have the answer to your business problems. Challenges are structured by the way we see them. What you consider a problem, someone else can see as an opportunity. You can learn to re-frame your interpretation and find new and positive ways to deal with difficulties such as overwhelm, procrastination, fear or lack of confidence.

Solving Business Problems

Book an exploratory half-hour  discussion with us at no charge. We will give you our honest assessment of  the situation and offer suggestions on how to proceed, if you do want to take it further.

Using neuro linguistic programming and TimeLine Therapy techniques together with 40 years of  entrepreneurial experience, we will explore together the opportunities and challenges facing your business. It pays to have a trusted non-judgemental coach on your side.  Just talking through situations in complete privacy helps you discover how you feel and what tools you have at your disposal to deal with the problem at hand.




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  1. Love the new look of your site – it is clear that you know what you are doing with the design both of your site and your offices. I have been there and can vouch for the quality of the spaces that are available. Any business would be proud to occupy these elegant and well presented premises.

  2. Hi Shazar – Thanks for stopping by on your way to Peru. We’re upgrading the building – have you seen the new yellow railings? Ready for summer (networking) drinks on the balcony-that is, when summer comes.

  3. Renting an office is very costly. Although the pricing depends on location, even the remotest areas will still take up a chunk of your money just to furnish it to your taste and give it a professional edge.

    • I agree – we so often underestimate the cost of our time in fitting out an office, negotiating with service providers and contractors and getting the communication systems up and running. I find even using the multi-function device on a pay per copy basis is still cheaper than paying for inks for my smal personal printer.

  4. A serviced office space is the way to go if you are looking for a cheap, yet a functional and professional location for your business. There are a variety of service providers to choose from who deal with a virtual offices. This makes the market very competitive.

  5. A serviced office can be considered a plug-and-work option for any type of business. From fully equipped private offices, meeting and conference rooms, with the latest video conferencing technology, to cafe, pantry and business lounges, a serviced office has everything a company needs to operate.

  6. Great information provided by you regarding serviced offices. According to my opinion one of the best advantages of these Serviced Offices is that they do not involve a long term commitment which actually makes relocation as well as expansion simpler as well as it develops flexibility. Great information provided by you thanks for sharing.

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