World’s Best Landscape Photo

Nick Melidonis Nubra Valley

Reward for Patience

World’s Best Nature Photo 2015 – Australian award winner Nick Melidonis. How long does a photographer have to wait to get a shot like this? How many early mornings, hill climbs and hungry starts does it take? My guess is: many. And sometimes there is no reward. You just never know what is waiting for you. Blink, and you miss it. Maybe he would have had less than five minutes to capture this photograph, now regarded as a world’s best nature photo.

World’s Best Nature Photo Award

My friend, Master Photographer Nick Melidonis, whose many photographs you see on my Sharing Life Recipes website, has recently achieved international success with his image of a camel train in the Nubra Valley, in the high Himalayas. This image was presented on behalf of Australia for final judging in the World Photographic Cup. The announcement of the winners took place in Portugal, March 2016. Nick was awarded silver – one of the top two photographs nature-landscape in the world today. Nick Melidonis is a resident of Fremantle and an investor in Swanbourne Village Trust a developer of elegantly eco residences.

Nick Melidonis Travel Photography Tours

Nick runs photographic expeditions for novices and expert photographers alike. His website shows the 2016 menu of happenings.If you are looking for an adventure, in a controlled kind of way, I highly recommend taking one of Nicks’ personal-style photographic tours. High on the hit list are Photography tour of Greece, Photography tour of Cambodia and Photography tour of Borneo. Review the expeditions at  Nick Melidonis Photographic Tours.  You could be taking the next worlds best nature photo.