What is a Virtual Address?

A virtual address is an address that appears to belong to you or your business, but one you never need to see or visit. You may have mail sent to the address you are paying for as a virtual address, and have it forwarded to you at your home or in another country. The sender thinks they are writing to you in London, when in reality you are enjoying a gin & tonic in the Bahamas.

Your letterhead, business cards and brochures can all carry the virtual address as if it were your own. If you’re not yet ready to leave your well-paying job, using someone else’s address while you establish the business might be a reason to go virtual.

Just as the mobile phone allows us to take calls wherever, without the caller knowing where we are, the virtual office address receives mail for you without the sender knowing where you actually conduct business. It gives an illusion of place.

Virtual office  (not virtual address) is the term that’s used for anything from a full package of administration services, including personal phone answering, mail management, meeting rooms on demand  – all the way down to a simple post office box address.

Why Businesses use a Virtual Address

The reasons are varied, depending on the business. Usually its a combination of perception and saving money. The business wishes to appear to be operating at that chosen location, but doesn’t want to pay the costs of having an actual office there.


For the many people who operate from their home office, privacy is an issue. They don’t want the world to know their home address. Their families don’t want unexpected visitors or unhappy clients turning up at the door.

Illusions of Grandeur

For others, they may like to give the impression that they are available in many locations and list a number of office addresses in different cities in their promotions. Given the expense of running one office (let alone a number spread across the country or the world), using a virtual address is a simple and attractive option.

Frequent Travel

It could be that a business owner is moving around constantly and needs the mail to be collected, handled and forwarded in the same way a personal assistant would do it. In that case they not only need a virtual address but they need a virtual assistant or have the two services combined into a virtual office package.


When faced with relocation or expansion overseas, a business will usually pre-arrange to have its business name and contacts established in advance in the new country. To save paying for real estate before it is needed, the website, mail and other documentation will show the virtual address and contacts of  the destination country.

Licensing Laws

Depending on the country, there may be government licence requirements where a physical address must be listed on an application or a label. Food labelling in Australia requires an address.


Websites  use email and a phone number as their contact points, but a physical business address gives an air of substance even if the business operates solely through the internet. Perhaps like me, visitors might like to see at least a city address on a website, to give a sense of location.


When I’m reading a blog I enjoy, I often like to know at least the city where the author is based. Again, it gives a feeling of connection and place. Bloggers  may be writing from a town Cambodia while we readers think they’re based in central New York city. In fact bloggers don’t usually give a physical or post office box address unless they are selling products and we determine where they are by the language, expressions and stories they tell.

Google Places Listing

If you are thinking of using a virtual address for your listing in Google Places please read the Google Guidelines first.

Why Virtual Address Perth?

Let’s say you’ve decided you need an office address in Australia and maybe the city of Perth suits your needs. If you search for a ‘virtual office’ or ‘virtual office address’ the search results will bring up pages and pages of Google listings and you’ll need time and patience to sift through them all. How do you find us in Perth?  How do you find someone who cares about your business?

We have used ‘Virtual Address Perth‘ for our listing so you know exactly where we are. If Perth is convenient for your virtual address needs, please contact us.

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